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Steps To Education

“Learning occurs in and out of the classroom. We designed our curriculum to educate and nurture children, creating individual opportunities to excel.”

A Look Into Our World

Our experiential learning approach will enable your child to develop into a creative thinker and confident learner with the necessary skills to succeed both academically and socially. Our philosophy and curriculum are inspired by STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We believe that all young people should be prepared to think deeply and creatively so that they have the chance to become innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our world, both today and tomorrow.

With STEM at the heart of our teaching, your child benefits from materials and experiences that encourage them to become critical thinkers and active problem solvers. The subject matter is learned through investigation, structured play, and deliberate instruction. In this way, your child gains knowledge and understanding through action, communication, and collaboration while learning to become an effective team player.

Step1: Instilling Character Values



It's crucial for children to learn the values that will help them develop into well-rounded citizens. Character Essentials uses character education to derive learning from each interaction. From the playground to the classroom, we take every opportunity to teach your child important character-building cornerstones, including respect, sharing, manners, friendship and compassion.

Why parents love us

We offer a well-rounded philosophy and curriculum and highly trained teachers. The community-based care we provide feels like an extension of the family! We follow strict health and disinfection guidelines. Let us help prepare your Angels for the next steps in their education!